With over 25 years experience within the Market Research industry Read Recruitment Services (RRS) offers exceptional skills and organisational ability to the highest professional standards, providing the highest quality service based upon attention to detail..

RRS is a unique recruitment agency offering specialised recruiting of respondents for all group recruiting needs (qualitative & quantitative).  We were the first recruitment agency in Australia to be recommended for ISO Certification by NCS International/BSI Group.

Resourceful recruitment from:

  • Our own extensive computerised panel/database
  • Clients Lists
  • Cold Calling

We provide the following services:

  • Qualitative Recruitment
  • Quantitative Recruitment
  • Focus Groups
  • Consumers
  • Executives
  • Business
  • Indepths
  • Children
  • Product Testing
  • Advertising Testing

We are a member of the AMSRS

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